Mini Review: Twitter Power 3.0 by Joel Comm & Dave Taylor

I have been on Twitter since 2008, but I still read to keep up on Twitter as well as social media. 

When i came to this book, I was in a position that I was wanting to back away from Twitter.  I didn’t think that I was being effective so I was ready to back away, but this book breathed new life into my enjoyment of Twitter in my personal level and in my library account.

The book starts with a brief inspirational introduction from Guy Kawasaki.  The bulk of the book deals with the basic mechanics of creating an account, creating a brand, crafting tweets, building a following and driving traffic to your brand, and even making money on Twitter.  The finish with a discussion of third party apps that will help you to manage your Twitter account followed by a list of thought leaders to follow.

You can read this book page one to the end, or dip in and out where you need more direction.  If you haven’t started Twitter, but have thought about it, get started .  If you are like I was when you pick up this book use it to pick up one new idea and move forward.

This book is recommended for anyone who is interested in social media, or anyone who is working in social media marketing.


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