Review: Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I needed a good laugh the day I checked out Yes Please by Amy Poehler from Overdrive audio.  I was not disappointed.  Amy Poehler tells the story of her career in comedy, her friendships with Tina Fey, Seth Meyer and more from her time on Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation and more.  Amy weaves together her coming of age in the Boston area, her development as a comedian, and her marriage and family.  In the audio book, Amy is joined by Carol Burnett, Patrick Stewart, and Seth Meyers as they give voice to some of the things that Ms. Poehler wrote, as well as some in the entertainment field contributing chapters to her work.  Her parents also join her in narrating parts of the book.  The final chapter of the book “The Robots Will Kill us All” at a live reading of the book.  This chapter is worth the read by itself, as Amy takes a look at the power and influence of technology over all of us.  I do have to give out a language alert for those who are offended by bad language.  There is some of that in this book, it is not as bad however, as one might expect from an comedian’s biography.

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