[NEBRASKACCESS] EBSCO Databases – Enhancements, changes and issues

The following information is provided by Allana Novotny, Technology & Access Services Librarian – Nebraska Library Commission

This month EBSCO announced an enhancement and change to some of the databases available through NebraskAccess. Please see the information below to learn more.

NoveList Plus & NoveList K-8 Plus

Accelerated Reader (AR) information has been added to both of the NoveList databases. AR is a program used by schools. AR levels are used to determine the appropriateness (Interest Level score) and text difficulty (Book Level score) for a book. When AR information is available for a title it will be displayed on the search results screen and in the record view.

To learn more about AR click on the AR information listed in the record to be taken to the help page.

Two AR limiters are also available on the Advanced Search screen in both databases.

MasterFILE, Primary Search, Explora Public & Explora Primary

These databases include the Associated Press (AP) Video Collection. In the past, whenever you performed a search that matched one or more videos the AP Video Carousel would always be displayed after the second item on the search results screen.

EBSCO has made a small change to how this works. The AP Video collection is still available; however, if you apply certain limiters the AP Video Carousel will no longer appear in your search results list. The limiters that will cause the carousel to be suppressed include: Peer Review, any Source Type (except Video), Collection, Publisher, Publication, or Content Provider.

MyHeritage Library Edition

Recently we have encountered a couple of issues while searching the MyHeritage Library Edition database. These issues have been reported.

Search Records by Location

The Search Records by Location option on the main search screen is not working correctly. After selecting a location and performing a search, your search results should be limited to that location. Currently search results are not being limited to that location.

Even though this feature is not working correctly, using it is still a great way to see what collections are available for a particular location. For example, you can click on Europe and then select Liechtenstein. Along the right side of the screen, it lists the collection that is available for Liechtenstein. Click on “Liechtenstein, Births and Baptisms, 1650-1875” to search just that collection.

1870 United States Federal Census

The 1870 US Census is missing the navigational tools that allow you to move from one page of the census to the next. Normally these navigational tools would appear above the image of the census record. While these navigational tools may not be used a lot, they can come in handing when you want to see who lived near someone or when you are having problems locating someone. Here is a screenshot of the navigational tools.

(Illustrations have been deleted from this version.)


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